Red Bull Jib Cup will be the first rail jam to find out which school in Ontario has the best snowboarders and skiers. Come watch snowboarders and skiers from McMaster University, Guelph University, Sheridan College, Carleton University and Ottawa University compete for their school. Who needs a hill? This event will be driven by Red Bull's Grinch Winch.

Course: The course will be custom designed with 2-3 rail features.

Qualification: Judged on best trick - Competitors will be broken up into heats of 8-10 each school will be represented with 2 riders. Riders will be placed from 1-10 and receive points from 14-0 (1st place receiving 14 points last place receiving 0 points.)

Finals: Judged on overall riding -Finalists in each category (Snowboarding & Skiing) will compete on one designated rail. Riders will be placed and awarded points on where the place. (1st place receiving 14 points last place receiving 4 points)

School earning the most points will win the Red Bull Jib Cup.
* Limited spots available for each school.
* Must attend McMaster University, Guelph University, Ottawa University, Carleton University or Sheridan College to compete.

Compete for your school. Register Here

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