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The art of DJ’ing is undoubtedly the backbone of hip-hop. Without the DJ, the b-boy wouldn’t be able to break, the MC would be lost in a cappella, and the graf artist would just be straight-up nonexistent because without the DJ, hip hop would be dead.

This past weekend, the premier global event for DJ battles better known as Red Bull Thre3style celebrated its national finals. DJ M-Squared won the crown and the chance to compete in the world finals in Paris this December.

As a tribute to all the DJs who participated in the event and to anyone who has ever smelled the funk of burnt vinyl, we sat down with former Black Eyed Peas party rocker, DJ Rocky Rock, to help curate the Top 10 Best DJ Sets Ever.

Rocky Rock was on the 1s and 2s for BEP songs like “Bebot” and “Gone Going,” and toured with the group back in 2005. He is currently working on his solo album called “Built From Scratch” from Fresh Good Records, and says this about the art of DJ’ing:

“As far as a DJ’ing goes, I just want to say there are many ways you are in control, so be wise and make good decisions. I also want to encourage people to keep the art going. It is one of the best things you can do.”

Check out his Top 10 Best DJ Sets Ever:

#10: Qbert


#8: Mixmaster Mike



#5: DJ Premier

#4: Shortkut

#3: Peanutbutter Wolf

#2: Grand Master Roc Raida


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