Not many people can jot down "professional ice climber" as their job description, but then again, Will Gadd is an utterly unique person. A seriously driven individual, he's won ice climbing gold medals at the X Games, set the world distance record for paragliding twice, climbed multiple icebergs, and traveled the world as a host of Discovery's Fearless Planet. An explorer at heart, Will Gadd lives with a sheer desire to discover and push boundaries. 


But Gadd's outdoor journey started in an unlikely way: when he took a semester off to work for a federal district court judge. Whilst receiving a comprehensive tour of the criminal justice system, Gadd also got a piece of advice from Judge Hall: "Will, you're smart enough to be a good lawyer, but you'll never be truly happy as a lawyer. Go outside and do something there." And so he did.



From climbing his first major waterfall at the age of 16, to the multi-sport achievements he is decorated with now, Gadd is on a life mission to prevail in the face of calculated risks. But despite a lifetime of adventure, the three-time Canadian climbing champion is still finding new ways to motivate and inspire everyone around him.



In the Spring of 2013, Gadd will be touring campuses across Canada to share the stories of his awe-inspiring career and how he's overcome incredibly tough challenges in life. Students will also have a chance to ask Gadd questions in person, as well as climb on campus in a demo session with the world champion climber himself.


Check out the dates below for Will Gadd's campus tour and stay tuned to see if your school will be added to the list!


University of British Columbia: Vancouver - Mar 14 - Register here

University of British Columbia: Okanagan - Mar 20 - Register here

University of Calgary - Mar 23 

Bishop's University - Mar 28

Dalhousie University - Apr 2 - Register here

McMaster University - Apr 3

University of Toronto - Apr 4 - Register here

Queen's University - Apr 8 - Register here


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