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Since The Art of FLIGHT hit iTunes last week, the action sports community has been on a continuous haze of euphoria, trying to dissect every part of the groundbreaking film about snowboarding. From Travis Rice to the wild avalanches, fans want to know more. The most wanted topic is more information about the soundtrack that provided a refreshing backdrop throughout the movie.

Here’s the list of songs and artists that were used in The Art of FLIGHT:

Deadmau5: “Ghosts 'n' Stuff (Nero Remix)"


The Naked and Famous: “No Way”


Apparat: “Ash/ Black Veil”


Blockhead: “Sunday Seance”


The Album Leaf: “Another Day”


The Naked and Famous: “Young Blood”


Sigur Rós: “Untitled 6 (E-bow)”


M83: “Intro”


Hum: “Iron Clad Lou”


The Black Angels: “Young Men Dead”


Okkervil River: “Westfall”


We Are Augustines: “Chapel Song”


Here’s a list of the rest of the songs:

  • Defrag: “Element L”
  • M83: “Outro”
  • Hendrickson/Dick/Harry: “Before the Storm”
  • Oswin Mackintosh: “Passion Victim”
  • Klaus Badelt: “Nowhere to Run”
  • Mel Wesson: “Motional Rescue_Pulse”
  • Mel Wesson: “Stark Light”
  • M83: “My Tears Are Becoming A Sea”

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