Endeavor Snowboard Design is a Canadian snowboard company based in Vancouver, British Columbia. At ground level the Endeavor office features computers and prototype products - nothing out of the ordinary for a snowboard company office.





But a quick trip to the basement will make your jaw drop, Endeavor's office features one of the most unique R&D facilities in snowboarding, a fully functioning lab where one-off snowboards are created to exact specifications and graphics pressed onto boards in-house. 




This facility named The Archetype Lab allows the Endeavor team to materialize their ideas with immediacy during the creation process. Ideas for board and graphic designs can be dreamt up in the morning, and a fully-functioning board can be slashing British Columbia pow by night. 





The process to print graphics is simple. Artwork is loaded into digital templates then printed using special inks on sublimation paper. The paper is placed on top of a PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) topsheet, after which high heat and pressure press the graphic on. Once cooked, the sublimation paper is removed and the graphic appears on the topsheet, ready to hit the slopes.  






This flexibility makes Endeavor the perfect partner for the Red Bull TopSheet contest. Beginning on Feb 1st, 2013, Red Bull and Endeavor will be accepting graphic submissions for a month, and in March 2013, four winners with the best topsheet designs will experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at the Endeavor headquarters.








At the Archetype Lab, the four Red Bull TopSheet winners will witness the creation of their own one-off Endeavor snowboards featuring their art. And to break their boards in with style, Powder Mountain Heli will take the winners BC backcountry shredding with the Endeavor team, documented by none other than legendary snowboard photographer Scott Serfas.



Want to slash pow on your art? Download the template and show us what you've got in Red Bull TopSheet.


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