Canvas Cooler

What is The Canvas Cooler Project?

Toronto has become the epicentre for arts and culture. On November 16, 2011 at 99 Sudbury, Toronto established and emerging artists will come together to transform Red Bull style coolers into functional pieces of art. An event not to be missed, these artists will be placing their stamp for patrons to admire at their local watering holes and restaurants. This is followed by the unveiling gala on November 24 at Red Bull 381 Projects, where all the fridges will be on display and the public can meet the artists responsible for the transformations.

Participating Artists:

The calibre of artists taking part in Canvas Cooler is second to none, with some of Toronto's best  established and up an coming artists:

Angel Carrello
Bruno Billio
Derek Mainella
Ramone Reyes
Trish Fenwick
James Fowler
Krista MacFarlane
Patrick Siranni
Kevin Griffiths
Joe Nigrini
Adrian Hayles
Kellen Hantanaka

For a taste of what's to come...

Red Bull Canvas Cooler Project - Bristol, UK Edition



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