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On, Wednesday, Nov 16 Red Bull Canada hosted the Canvas Cooler Project in Toronto, at 99 Sudbury. Established and emerging artists came together to transform Red Bull styler coolers into pieces of art.  These pieces of art will be on display for patrons to admire at their local watering holes and restaurants, around Toronto.

We we honoured to work with all the artists of talent that took part in yesterday's festivities. Their skill, creativity and originality came out in vibrant form over the course of the day. The artists had 9 hours in which to take a wrapped canvas mini cooler and turn it into a functional piece of art. Throughout the day, friends, family and fans were encouraged to come down to 99 Sudbury and witness the event. In between strokes of paint, the artists themselves took to Twitter to showcase their creations throughout the day. The artists involved, we're excited to be a part of such a dynamic event, which allows their work to be displayed in a unique way:

"Thank you so much for this opportunity. It's so cool and important, that Red Bull is doing this..." - Ian Turner - artist painting for Salvador Darling

On Thursday, November 24 at Red Bull 381 Projects, we will be hosting the Unveiling Gala, where all 21 fridges will be on display for all to see. For all event details please click here.

If you didn't get a chance to swing by 99 Sudbury yesterday, be sure to check out at Unveiling Gala at Red Bull 381 Projects on November 24!

Get to know more about the artists here:

·Angel Carrillo – painting for Red Light and Levack Block
·Douglas Brown - painting for Wrong Bar
·Bruno Billio - painting for Great Hall and Samuel J Moore Room
·Ewelina – painting for Midpoint
·Kellen Hantanaka – painting for Rhino Bar
·Adrian Hayles - painting for Parts and Labor Downstairs
·Patrick Thompson - painting for Parts and Labor Upstairs
·Trish Fenwick - painting for Baby Huey's
·Lizz De Savoye – painting for Supermarket
·James Fowler - painting for The Gladstone
·Krista Macfarlane – painting for Brooklynn
·Patrick Sirianni / Paul Agostini - painting for Underground Garage
·Joe Migrini - painting for Lakeview - web link TBC
·UBER5000 – painting for The Garrison, Blondies
·Ian Turner – Salvador Darling
·Wes Pratt – Double Deuce
·Elicser - painting for Red Bull Offices - 2 fridges


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